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Quote du Jour

“Genius is essentially creative; it bears the stamp of the individual who possesses it.
~ Madame de Staël”

Showing Off

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Valentines Date Night

This year in lieu of chocolates, flowers or silly stuffed animals….. my very favorite person (who also happens to be my husband), bought us tickets to a “date night” at the The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton , VA.  This involved Ballroom dancing, snacks and a bar….. plus the good part… a 2 hour couples […]

Big Dreams of Trains to Nowhere and Everywhere

My inspiration of the month….

With thanks to Craig who sent me the following link:

It involves the clever reuse of train cars. Now what I find so inspiring about this … well in college my friends and I found a couple of old wooden cabooses…sitting on abandoned tracks a short walk from our dorms. […]

New firing in the works

Some glass cabs from recent firings.

Well – right now I’m waiting for a kiln firing to cool down. It’s actually a fire polishing, but I also have a completed set for a first firing. This is good, I need more pieces to work with.

It’s been a long time coming but I’m actually making progress. I also have a number of […]

Firing up the kiln with a friend

kiln results - mostly good cabs

Fridays have turning into kiln firing days. And finding a co-conspirator in my creative endeavors is a bonus!

They look like festive candies. Here’s some of the fused glass pieces that were done with the kiln:

kiln results – mostly good cabs

The past couple of Fridays I’ve had company for jewelry making. My friend DL came […]

On the subject of change

I’ve been contemplating change a bit recently – well okay – a lot.

“Change is BAD, I hate change – I’m not good with change, I don’t like change – BUT it IS important.” – Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson – The Closer – 3rd season premier – Episode – Homewrecker.

I rather agree with this quote […]

What is freedom?

I often hear people talk about our freedom…. and feel most strongly that fear and the need to “conform” in as many ways as possible eats at that very freedom.

I was reading a post by Lelia Thomas about freedom. And while the ideas are not new, they are well worth the re-telling. She writes […]

Happy Happy Daddy-o!

Well – today was going to be the “official” launch of the website…however my tech support has to work late. Such is life. However I do expect this to be live any day now. I was pushing for today to honor a birthday… and a source of strength in my life. Maybe I’ll be able […]

Mistakes or Experience?

Just trying to keep in mind:

“Mistakes are just the road to experience…. some roads are bumpier than others.”  — C. S. Hafer 1/8/2007

I’ve been experiencing lots of “mistakes” as I’m working on my WordPress theme… so I’m feeling like it’s a very bumpy road at the moment. And then I came across […]



It would appear that Santa’s workshop is gradually moving to my studio – one power tool at a time!

I now have a nifty new 16″ variable scroll saw with stand…. waaay cool.

Now I just have to make room for it. I already have loads of ideas. And I just spent a few minutes flipping […]

finding time….

Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘ I don’t want to.’

~ Lao Tzu

I like to use this quote as the banner on the top of my “to do” list occasionally – usually when I’m feeling […]