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Quote du Jour

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of the creative effort.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Uhm – how do you pronounce that? Dreeah?”

A: Driia is pronounced: dry-uh

Q: “So – what’s with using Driia you ask?”

Driia is simply the artistic / creative side of Carrie and seemed a natural choice for the studio and business.

Driia is a persona she had created for a costume party, waaay back in 1990. At this party she met Craig, her husband to be and patron of the artist. Craig usually refers to Carrie as Driia whenever she is undertaking something “creative”. It must be confessed that Driia also has a reputation for shopping, being a magpie and …oh look shiny!… and little bit distractible.

The artist as Driia back in 1990:
Driia 1990

Q: “How can I buy from you?”


At the moment – the best way is through the shopping cart which uses Paypal.

However if you don’t use a credit card and Paypal set up, then I do accept personal checks and Money Orders. This does increase the length of time between buying and receipt of the item. When using a check – it’s best to contact us through email or via a phone message, and we will confirm the item(s) are still available. A reserve is then put on each item to prevent another person buying them online. Once the check has been received, and clears the bank, your purchase will be shipped. I cannot ship items paid for by check or money order until they have cleared the bank. Bounced or fraudulent checks mean that a substantial service fee is charged to us.

Q: “How do you ship ?”


We are currently shipping via US Postal Service.

Q: “How are you calculating shipping? Is there a break on shipping if I buy more than one item?”


We charge a base rate of $4.00 shipping plus $1 per item. This enables us to cover our shipping and handling costs in almost all cases; it can however also cost us money especially on heavier pieces. We set this policy as simply as we can to hold down costs for our customers and make it less confusing for everyone involved.