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“All Dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
~ Walt Disney”

Showing Off

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New firing in the works

Well – right now I’m waiting for a kiln firing to cool down. It’s actually a fire polishing, but I also have a completed set for a first firing. This is good, I need more pieces to work with.

It’s been a long time coming but I’m actually making progress. I also have a number of pieces to post here that I’ve gotten photographed. All good things, now – to go shopping for more findings.

Couple hours later :
Just fished wire wrapping a couple of pieces, and the wire decided to be obstinate. I really hate when that happens – however I am pleased with the final results. The set of glass for a first firing is in cool down phase. They look pretty good too…makes me happy.

Below are a bunch of my glass cabs – sorted after firing into the type of jewelry I plan to make. I generally sort by fancy wire wrap, wire wrap with edge groove, bail with glue pad,  earrings, and the ever popular not sure yet pile.

Some glass cabs from recent firings.

Some glass cabs from recent firings.

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