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Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



NOVA Mini Maker Faire - March 15 2015

I will be exhibiting at this years NOVA Mini Maker Faire again.

Sunday March 15, 2015
Reston VA

Last year my booth for the NOVA MF was Recycled / Up-cycled Junk to jewelry and Hand Made Journals.

This year I am showing people a variety of ways to create their own workbenches / work spaces. I will be showing at least one workbench in progress. Additionally we will have photos and ideas from the the other 6 (or is it 7..?) different workbenches / workstations I’ve made over the years.

People may get a hands on practice with some basic tools and assembly as well as share / receive advice on their own projects.

Details / tickets can be had on the Nova Maker Faire website:

Save the Date! – Hope to see you there!

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