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“Insist upon yourself Be original.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



MFNC 2012

Here's your sign.... everybody gets one.

Well it’s over now, and I survived!  As usual Maker Faire NC was very frenetic. I was there presenting a booth on the basics of fused glass. Answering many, many questions, and even getting a few people involved in cutting glass or grinding an edge groove into a small glass floral bead or “cab” (short for cabochon).

The day started with my voice going in and out, either from allergies or having gone over the same information several times with other makers the day before during set up.

I had an offer to come to Tech Shop and teach a class and have someone “update” my kiln with a controller. Several people thinking I taught regularly wanting to know where my shop was located.

I guess my librarian skills and my ability to relay information to people is showing. I do have plans to teach some classes at our local maker space NOVA Labs in Reston VA. But alas I am not local to MFNC, I just wanted to represent what you can be doing with fused glass.  Perhaps I’ll  get real studio space one day and have space to  expand to regular classes. Time will tell.

I took several pictures during set up but did not have any time during the event to see anything let alone get pictures. I didn’t even take time to have someone take pictures of me at the booth with my own camera – which was RIGHT there! But I did manage to remember to get pre-show pics of the booth layout.

Finally finished setting up my booth.

I was across from the bee keepers and next to the learn to solder station. Best of all my friend Cyn as just next door – Bonus! Sadly we did not have much time to chat. But busy is what makes a Maker Faire I guess. Although I did get to chat quite a bit with a few fellow makers at the social Friday night at TechShop.

One of the makers (Jacqui) I had met back in Oct. when Craig and I attended a ShopBot camp in Smithfield, at  Angus Hines’ shop. She had baked a bunch of bread and served up lunch to the crowd (her house is attached to his shop – oddly enough). At this event though she was selling her home made cleaning products she calls Good Scents. The other person I spent a lot of time talking to at the social was Erin and she was showing off her colorful chainmaille jewelry as Stealth and Aces.  If you can’t find something to inspire you at a Maker Faire then I don’t know what will.

Craig of course was there again with his Chaos Machine, and more of the pics I took during set up, mostly of the machine and the empty hall coming together, will be up on either his site or the flicker account he uses for the chaos events.


Craig sense of humor shows up in a T for the chaos wranglers.

A volunteer around 8:30 am during set up.


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