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Quote du Jour

“Insist upon yourself Be original.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Showing Off

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On the subject of change

I’ve been contemplating change a bit recently – well okay – a lot.

Change is BAD, I hate change – I’m not good with change, I don’t like change – BUT it IS important.” – Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson – The Closer – 3rd season premier – Episode – Homewrecker.

I rather agree with this quote – I fight change ALL the time – I’m always wanting something NEW – but I don’t want to change – or have things or people around me change. That is a short sighted way to live.

Things change. It is important to who we are that we strive to change ourselves and the things around us. Or else there would be no great writings, or inventions or thoughts. We could still all be living raw and simple – with no achievement except existance and procreation.

Adapt or Die

Same context – different quote. I don’t know who to give the credit for this quote – it’s been used all over the world – for many purposes – for a very long time. This very simple – brief phrase is both over used and under utilized. I too must adapt. To my own strugles in my own life, as others must do in theirs.

I suppose the choice isn’t really about adapting – but about how we adapt…
willingly – with eager curiosity
fighting – kicking and screaming against the tide

What do you choose?

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