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Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



Custom Workbench Series - part 1

Building a custom workbench doesn’t have to be expensive.

The very first workbench I ever build cost me a few hours of time, the help of an assistant (my Dad)  and cost me a little less than $20.

Carrie's First Workbench.

Carrie’s First Workbench.


Only a few tools are needed. Basic materials are generally cheap or can be scrounged for free.

This bench (built in 1993) was made using two pallet skids and a the long side of a packing crate. You should have seen me trying to get the skids into my little 4 door Chevy Spectrum at the time. Luckily my brother had an El Camino with an open bed at the time… he ended up helping me haul the packing crate sections back to the house.

I can still remember my father’s disbelief that I intended to turn this trash into a workbench! But he humored me, and even helped to hold things while I measured my cuts, used a circular saw, and drilled holes.

He was absolutely amazed that my scribbles on a napkin and “junk” I brought to the house turned into a very sturdy workbench. He was so proud – and he apologized for ever doubting my design.

I was determined. I wanted a jewelry / workbench. Having very little cash to work with… I did have to buy between $15-20 worth or hard ware and two casters, I made my vision a reality. You can too.

I still use this today in my studio, although I did eventually add a large vise and a jewelry bench pin for added functionality over the course of time.

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