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Quote du Jour

“Creativeness often consists of merely turning up what is already there.
~ Bernice Fitz-Gibbon”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



Big Dreams of Trains to Nowhere and Everywhere

My inspiration of the month….

With thanks to Craig who sent me the following link:

It involves the clever reuse of train cars. Now what I find so inspiring about this … well in college my friends and I found a couple of old wooden cabooses…sitting on abandoned tracks a short walk from our dorms. The tracks had become a cut through or back way to get to a local shopping center.  Since none of us had a car it was our preferred path and I saw them frequently over 4 years. I even thought of “stealing” the abandoned cars – but where would I put them? They are an enchanted part of my past – and involve one of my fondest fantasy:  re-using them for a private retreat, or art studio.  To this day it makes me sad to think of the neglect, and the vandalism. People had started fires in them and spray painted the interiors – it was so needless.

In an ideal (for me) world I would have a property that I could put a train car or two on – I’d be able to find the legal owners of the abandoned cars and buy them for myself and get them moved. I want to restore them and make an office / writing studio in one. In the other I would want to make a painting studio. For obscene amounts of space / time / money I’d have about 5 or 6  more cars and create for myself a village of train cottage work rooms for my various needs. Such as:

  • jewelers bench and studio
  • sanding, grinding woodworking (dust filled and messy)
  • painting / finishing studio for varnishing, glazing, glazes
  • kiln room for various kilns (jewelry fusing, slumping, etc)
  • fabric arts, quilting, costuming, weaving, spinning
  • an extra long car for raw material storage

In reality – I already have a nice little studio, and access to a garage fro all my woodworking needs. I just like to dream big and impossible things – after all who knows – maybe I’ll be fortunate one day and some more of my big dream will come true too.  After all I never thought I’d have the chance to stay home and work on my art and jewelery.

It may even be possible to one day have my village. But if I do it will more than likely be made of small and large work sheds – and in the center – my one lone train car to serve as my inspirational retreat and office.

Hey – I even forgot my photography studio and the clay shop! Do I have too many interests?

You betchya!…and counting…..

*fingers crossed* Wish me luck and I wish the same for your own Big Dreams.

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