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Quote du Jour

“Freedom lies in being bold.
– Robert Frost”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



Zig Zag Pendant


I was having fun playing with stringers and frit. This one gives me a zen feel when I look at it.

Pendant - dichroic Pi


This pendant is cute and can be your representation of Pi or it may be your favorite letter or symbol from another culture. The green dichroic glass pops off the black glass background.

Pendant - PFD_0709_009


Fused dichroic glass featuring blue and black with mixed blue frit over a white base. Finished with a sterling silver bail.

I liked the pop of blue dichroic on this one, and the mix of blues reminds me of the ocean.

New firing in the works

Some glass cabs from recent firings.

Well – right now I’m waiting for a kiln firing to cool down. It’s actually a fire polishing, but I also have a completed set for a first firing. This is good, I need more pieces to work with.

It’s been a long time coming but I’m actually making progress. I also have a number of […]

Earrings - EFSW_0709_024


A pair of blue fused glass earrings with a simple silver wire wrap. Sports dark blue and black glass accents.

Pendant nd Earrings - PEFSW_0710_048


This is a very nice set of fused glass that brings to mind swirling sea. With a swirl of silver wire and delicate beaded dangles.

Pendant & Earrings - PEFSW_0709_023


Here’s another view of the same set.

Pendant - PFDW_0709_001


This Pendant was made with three layers of glass and topped off with a glass stringers to accent it. Then the edge detail was cut using a glass grinder – before adding wire , bead and bail.

Pendant - copper specimen


I started playing with copper inclusions…and I had this victorian style paper punch that I used for punching the butterfly out of copper mesh. Added a few speckles of fine black frit and fused it with clear glass onto a cream white base.

Firing up the kiln with a friend

kiln results - mostly good cabs

Fridays have turning into kiln firing days. And finding a co-conspirator in my creative endeavors is a bonus!

They look like festive candies. Here’s some of the fused glass pieces that were done with the kiln:

kiln results – mostly good cabs

The past couple of Fridays I’ve had company for jewelry making. My friend DL came […]