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“Always tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember anything.”
by Mark Twain Roughin' it

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Re-design a necklace - pt 2

Earlier I wrote – KT commissioned me to re-design a necklace she had.
I hadn’t seen it yet – however I told her to send it ahead and I’d do what I could.

The re-designed necklace set is pictured here:


Here are the earrings and bracelet:


Here’s what I did after I took the necklace apart and re-arranged the existing beads into a longer one strand necklace.

I took out the offending green glass bead (which I will reuse later)
Made one pair of new earrings in the same style – this pair now sports sterling silver ear wires.
Created another set of co-ordinating earrings for a bit of a change up.
Added in a few extra silver tone beads for balance.
Created a focal bead as a pendant drop.
And using the extra beads and a few more of my own I threw in a bracelet with magnetic clasp.

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