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“Be yourself, no one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong.
~ James Herlihy”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



A Letter to Denneal

Lady Denneal –

I only kinda knew you before the last TCEP at the Days Inn. That was the year that Craig and I ended up stuck in the con suite most of the time. You offered to take over when we needed a break, you sat and watched silly movies with me as you put together another puzzle and we talked. About a lot of things…. and that’s when we discovered that we had a lot in common. I just wish we’d found out sooner.

I was so happy – I found another friend, and that’s not easy. Books, movies, crafting, jewelry, sarcasm, devious, silliness and laughter… who could ask for more in a friend? You even got it – I like gamers and talking to gamers, and learning the rules / strategy – but not gaming.

I looked forward to hanging out with you more…. You looked snazzy as a Devil in a Blue Dress at your party in ’04… and I got to see how good you were with pretty much everyone. We hung out in the kitchen discussing ROCKS, and light sensitive threads. You loved to show off your collections…. and well – another thing in common!

We talked a bunch on IM and email after that…. we only got to see you a handful of times after that Halloween, but you always had fun, even tired and in pain. What a class act.

You looked so beautiful – I loved your wedding dress. You got very tired – but generally looked so good. I remember you being very pleased that your hair had grown back enough to look good for the wedding. At the same time you scolded yourself for being vain…how silly!

July 4th, you had a lot of energy, and were so pissed off that the cancer was back after your trip. Damn it! We all were. Even in all that you were more concerned with how unfair this was to Stew and your parents than anything.

Oct – the Ren Faire…. I really wasn’t up to going – but we did have fun. Craig and Stew hauling your A$$ all over the faire in that wheel chair. Jewelry shopping, seeing the shows, issuing directives – “no – over there – I want to see THAT”, It was a fun day. Your best friend from back home was visiting and you were determined to show her EVERTHING. She had a lot of fun too, but I think she was happy just to be hanging out with you. I know I was.

Another Halloween – this time at our place. I think we spent a couple of hours just talking jewelry making and crafts. I only regret we never got to make glass beads together. I know how much you wanted to try that.

Because of your conviction that day – I had the courage to go ahead and start Driia’s Dreams…. and to honor you the “signature” piece is your necklace. You know the one. Eventually – you’ll have your own line – The Denneal series, but it’s not ready yet…. I hope you’ll like them girl – you’d better – or else!

So I guess – I have no one memory…. but a lot of little memories of someone who had fun, and liked others to have fun too. A very caring person – who knew the value of life.

Just because you’re YOU – Thank you.

We miss you… we all do.

Love ya!


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