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Quote du Jour

“Insist upon yourself Be original.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



Suze B.

Thank you for being interested and introducing me to basket weaving….. I may never go there again – but I certainly appreciate it and your idea of crafting days with friends. After all why should crafting be isolating? Make it a social event – learn new things!


My Dad – who encouraged me to use his work bench tools and help him with mechanical / building projects – even if I wasn’t into sports. Both of my parents taught me that it’s okay to have several careers as your life changes. You were always an idea man… you had a belief in […]


My Mom was involved in several crafts over the years and some of them she taught me, others I observed. But she always tried things, and thought of others. Ceramics, sewing, quilting, knitting, gardening, and for many years the creative art of school bulletin boards. I learned a lot about practical and not so practical […]

Jennifer S.

Yet another source of inspiration to give it a try – another crafter – this time stuffed bears.


Hey – mister RR fanatic – building scale systems to compliment your landscape & now beautiful stain glass windows too!

Bob T.

Who does nifty things with wood and engineering – the puzzle man & marble king. And most recently – lapidary skills….fun!

Denneal Huminski

You gave me courage to make it all real – your enthusiasm carries me through even though you are gone now. I wish we could have done more together. We shared many interests – and I like to think we could have had many great times together. You were the first person besides family […]

Many more of you

To the many more who I meet in passing or casually at a class – you share your talents, interests, tips, techniques and opinions – I may never remember the names but I remember the bond formed if only briefly….and the sharing. Carry on.

Diana Compel

Your writing, your costumes and your artwork – need I say more? We haven’t talked in a long time – but I really hope you’ve kept up your creativity – it certainly sparked mine. Hey Captain – imagination is all packed and ready to go….!

Beth Bruce

My good friend at college – a wonderful general crafter, story teller and crochet fiend. And now I find out that your are making jewelry too – Go girl!