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Quote du Jour

“Always tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember anything.”
by Mark Twain Roughin' it

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



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Craig and I have been hanging out with a bunch of makers lately. Lots of cool things going on.

A group of people have opened up a small local maker space called NOVA LABS and Craig and I have been over there quite a bit over the past three months.

I’m in the process of trying to find time to build a small milling CNC based on the Mantis design.  My current schedule has not been as open (time wise) as I had hoped. Perhaps July and August will be better.

I am also awaiting a small kit from Shapeoko which is the framework and plans for another small desktop CNC. My goal is to learn how to design for and operate a CNC for fun and hopefully profit eventually. I figure that learning on something small, you know the “gateway” CNC, will prepare me for a much larger unit.

Craig has been working on a 3D printer called a Prusa with a group from the maker space, so he’s been focused on that.He’s also built a Thing-O-Matic from Makerbot. So he’s one of the people helping to print parts for the Prusas that the group are making.

I need to spend some more time prepping for Maker Faire NC – which is coming up in two weeks.  I am also hoping that I can set up a class or two over at NOVA Labs to teach fursed glass soon.

So we’ve been a bit busy lately.


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