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“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
~ pablo picasso”

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Making a living - Photography

I had a friend ask the question about taking his photography to a professional level and trying to make a living with it… I thought I’d share my answer since may others also may be thinking along those lines.

Hey There!

If you seriously want to explore the whole photography as business idea -or – other passion as business idea for that matter…. then I can point you at a website that I think has lots of good basic starting ideas.

in particular they featured this info for photographers…

I would also check out the links targeted to travelers too… since frequently travel and photography go hand in hand.

The site is very much geared to drive you to go to their seminars… and we’ll help you find / fulfill your life’s dreams by creating the life you want to live. Which is a bit over the top at times. But much of the info and ideas are okay.

They offer things like tips on taking things part time while working at a job full time…etc.

Anyway – I remembered the photography thing – so I thought I’d point you over there… I’m sure there are lots of things like this out there…but hey a place to start your investigation!

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