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Quote du Jour

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘ I don’t want to.’
~ Lao Tzu”

Showing Off

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Feeling this waaay too often

Wow – I found someone who put into words how I feel almost constantly. I really must start reading her blog on a regular basis. But Wait! – It’s yet another way to avoid doing my own art…..(Sigh)

From the artist’s blog:

“Most times I am guilty of thinking too much, wanting to control the outcome of my days, wanting to be productive, wanting to finish the list, wanting to be “that” person who is doing all the things that I want to do with my life.

But “that” person is as human as I am. “That” person struggles too with all of the same things, mood swings and fears and sweat and messy mind and the feeling of not doing “enough”.

Today I made a new list:

-feel the warm socks on my feet after they come out of the dryer
-eat something that is decadent
-read a book in the bathtub
-spend some time lying on the floor looking at the ceiling
-smell the wet earth even though you are grumpy because it is still raining.
-look at the sky a minimum of ten times, and really study it, like it was a painting
-leave the clean laundry in the baskets”

— Keri Smith, Nov 25, 2006 – Excerpt from Blog entry entitled “the dead hand of habit”

The full post is much longer and worth reading…. I must try this tactic and make a new list…
I think I will also add the quotation she used for the entry title to my inspiration list…it’s pretty good.

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