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Quote du Jour

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘ I don’t want to.’
~ Lao Tzu”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan




I collect fantasy art, and I have a fantasy of someday becoming a fairly good artist….Right now I have more talent for jewelry design than drawing or sculpture – but hey everyone has a fantasy – right?
I was browsing one of my regular haunts tonight and followed a link. I’m glad I did – it was really nice looking work…. but I am feeling soooo very jealous. I know it takes practice and I should be doing more and more not letting myself get sidetracked by what I can’t do yet….but – well – I really appreciate how good some of these fantasy artists are – and I feel so inadequate.

By the way – there are a lot of really good artists on the web – just start digging around – you can get over whelmed – but they can also inspire.

Tonight’s site brought to you by following a link off one of the LJ communities I check on regularly. Well – Okay – so she actually has two sites – one is her own domain – and the other is her Deviant Art listing.

It looks to me like she’s heavily into anime art – but I really like her work.

Check out her sites. You may see something you’ll like too.

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