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Quote du Jour

“Freedom lies in being bold.
– Robert Frost”

Showing Off

Created by grupo mayan



Judy Thrailkill

Gone but never forgotten – her enthusiasm and joy in new projects – hers or other’s made no difference – wow –her skill at flower arranging and passion for quilling. You were my cheerleader – I only wish I could have done more.


You taught me that you can if you really want to – and really try. Train models and platforms, RC airplanes, and woodworking. I wish you would do more. I know that you are capable of so much more – If you could only see… that many people never do half the things you’ve already […]

Ann L.

Oh my! You first inspired me with costumes, and then LARPing, and then bead work, and your graphic design, and game design… share your talents so freely and so proudly – I’m glad you do.

Denise M.

You have many interests – SCA and otherwise inspired…. but I love your beading, costuming and sewing – and your overall enthusiasm for life.

Suze B.

Thank you for being interested and introducing me to basket weaving….. I may never go there again – but I certainly appreciate it and your idea of crafting days with friends. After all why should crafting be isolating? Make it a social event – learn new things!


My Dad – who encouraged me to use his work bench tools and help him with mechanical / building projects – even if I wasn’t into sports. Both of my parents taught me that it’s okay to have several careers as your life changes. You were always an idea man… you had a belief in […]


My Mom was involved in several crafts over the years and some of them she taught me, others I observed. But she always tried things, and thought of others. Ceramics, sewing, quilting, knitting, gardening, and for many years the creative art of school bulletin boards. I learned a lot about practical and not so practical […]

Jennifer S.

Yet another source of inspiration to give it a try – another crafter – this time stuffed bears.


Hey – mister RR fanatic – building scale systems to compliment your landscape & now beautiful stain glass windows too!

Bob T.

Who does nifty things with wood and engineering – the puzzle man & marble king. And most recently – lapidary skills….fun!